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We created The Texas Experience to bring a fun, interactive experience to corporate client conferences and events across Texas. Our pop-up storefront can be tailored to the needs of your event, from creating custom designed materials to complement your brand and event theme, to shipping out items your clients have selected from our store at the end of the conference.

Our seasoned event staff is on-site for the duration of your event, making sure all questions are answered, points are redeemed, and your customers receive the Texas hospitality we’re best known for! Introduce your clients to unique event that gives them incentives to participate in your conference activities, increases your participation rates, and gives them high quality, artisan goods created by small businesses across Texas.

How it works

We love Texas and we couldn’t think of a better way to show it off, than to bring it directly to you.

Texas is a destination for many large corporate events, due to the weather, tax breaks, and incentives the state offers to those who are visiting. Our cities are ranked as some of the top meeting destinations in the country, and of course, as Texans, we’re proud of all our state has to offer its visitors.

The Texas Experience program allows our corporate clients to bring a storefront on-site and introduce participants to a fun, interactive opportunity to earn and redeem points in areas that provide benefits and engagement across the board. We create a “passport” filled with opportunities for attendees to earn points–through a variety of activities (such as providing a testimonial, attending product demos, or visiting vendor booths.)

All of the products available in the Texas store have points assigned to them (rather than dollars.) This allows attendees to see how many points each item is worth and earn as many as they are allowed by the client. Point values and maximum points allowed are established during the planning phase of the agreement.

Made in Texas Co. event staff is responsible for managing the entire points redemption program and will provide detailed records of items redeemed by attendee. This allows our clients full transparency into how engaged attendees are, how many points were earned and how many were subsequently redeemed.

Bringing Texas to You


Select Your Texas Destination

Selecting a location for your event may be a challenging task, mainly because there are so many incredible venues to choose from. Our team is available to travel across Texas to host our pop-up storefronts throughout the state, so no matter where you go, we can meet you there.


Set Your Passport Parameters

The Texas Experience allows you to customize your plan, allowing your clients to participate in events of your choosing, while collecting points at the value that fits best within your budget. We’ll walk you though your options in our planning sessions.


Create Your Custom Product List

You know your clients best, and we know what our guests want from their Texas visit. Together, we’ll determine the items to include in the Texas pop-up storefront that your clients are sure to love.

Our Products

We are incredibly proud to include a wide array of handmade, artisan, and exclusively designed products from small businesses across Texas to our company. The designers, makers, creatives, and artisans in the Lone Star State are truly and remarkably something special.

Each product offered in our store is meticulously made and every design is thoughtfully created. When you select something from our shop, know that you are contributing directly to the success of small, independent ventures in our community.

Selecting Your Products

Our products are sourced entirely from the state of Texas by small, independent makers in our communities. We offer unique, artisan goods that won’t be found in big box stores, and your customers will LOVE you for it. Our curated lines of goods will have clients running from event to event collecting points to redeem in the Made in Texas Co. store. They won’t even need to leave their hotel to do their souvenir shopping, saving them time and money.


Packaged Food

From jelly and chocolate to coffee and roasted almonds, we have packaged items perfect for snacking now or packing and taking home as gifts. If you have specific food requests, please let us know and we will source exactly what you’d like! That’s the beauty of working with small Texas businesses.



We use award-winning Texas designers to create our original designs for Made in Texas Co. We produce all items in our Corpus Christi production facility, so what you’re wearing is literally made in Texas.


Gift Items

Not only do we work with over 50 Texas small businesses to select and sell their goods, we also make over 50% of our items in-house! If you would like something custom made for your event, please let us know and we are happy to create it for you.

Why it works

Quality event programming does more than fill seats and check off boxes for a business. It creates a welcoming environment where you and your company shine.

Client events are held to offer support, solutions, and celebration for the partnership created between customers and vendors This is a prime opportunity to showcase new products, create deeper connections, and allow the clients to see why their continued business is beneficial for them and their work. In many industries, clients are not able to accept gifts over a certain amount, but businesses want to show them gratitude for their partnership and trust.

The Texas Experience pop-up storefront allows clients to earn points for participating in activities set up by the host organization, and they are then able to redeem those points for products in the Made in Texas Experience store. This creates a sense of excitement, and gives the businesses insights and data directly from those clients, and they receive high quality, Texas-made items that directly contribute to the small business community.

Ready to chat about adding The Texas Experience to your next event?


With our company headquarters and this important event both located in Texas, we want to support local Texas businesses and provide a unique Texas experience to our clients attending from all over the country. Made in Texas is so easy to work with, has great ideas, is open to our ideas and needs, and is affordable. Their booth and merchandise looked great, their on-site staff were super, and our clients loved it! Made In Texas put in the effort for everything to go smoothly and easy for us. We definitely recommend them and will work with them again!

Cathy Springman, CMP, PMP

Event Marketing & Project Management Specialist
Catherine Springman, Inc.


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