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BLOOD RED color, and viscously INSANE flavor, REDRUB is the KILLER AMERICAN BBQ rub of your dreams. Or should we say, NIGHTMARES. It all started back in the Winter of 1917.

Deep in the plains of North Texas, lived the caretaker of an old, and some say, HAUNTED butcher shop. The HORRORS which took place that winter remain as dreadful as one can imagine. Legend has it that the caretaker succumbed to the supernatural powers of this very meat rub. It was said to be so rich, and so powerful, that it ultimately drove the man to the brink of INSANITY.

It was at last locked away, never to be seen or spoke of again, UNTIL NOW. So unleash the TERROR, if you dare, and come grill with us! Forever....and ever....and ever.

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